Degree Program Admissions

SoFA Design Institute opens scholarship applications once every school year. Deadline of submission of scholarship applications is every March 30.


Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

2-YR Fashion Design and Marketing

1-YR Fashion Design

1-YR Fashion Marketing


Birth Certificate

Creative Portfolio

BIR Form 2316 of Parents from previous calendar year

Transcript of Records (for College graduates)

Transfer Credential Certificate and Trancript of Records (for College transferees)

Form 137 and 138 (for High School graduates)


1. Request for a Program & Admissions packet.

Please course the request through the website (Request for Information) or through email (

2. Once decided on a program, accomplish the online application form.

Applicants may click on the link to be directed to the online application portal:

3. Contact the Admissions Office to formalize submission of the online application form.

Email or call 478-4611 or 22 loc. 115.

4. Submit the following general requirements:

Creative Portfolio (For Applicants of Design-Related Programs Only - please submit in digital format)

5. Submit the following additional documentation that apply to the Applicant (this may be sent to follow):

High School Graduates: (for BA-FDM, BS-ID, 2 yr or 1 yr programs)

College Graduates: (for 2 yr or 1 yr programs)

Professionals: (for BA-FDM, BS-ID, 2 yr, or 1 yr programs)

Including the following:

- Curriculum Vitae / Resume
- Official Transcript of Records
- College Diploma (Photocopy)

Applicants may submit requirements in person, via e-mail (, or via courier. Digital copy portfolios are preferred.

6. Settle the reservation/processing fee applicable to the desired program.

7. Await delivery of the Applicant's status letter.

The Applicant’s status letter shall be forwarded two weeks after the date of settlement of the reservation/processing fee.

8. Proceed to enrollment.

Accepted Applicants must proceed to the Registrar's Office to enroll during the designated enrollment period indicated on the Applicant's status letter. The Applicant must present the status letter upon enrollment.